BLACK ALTAR / KIRKEBRANN - “Deus Inversus” split

There are 7 compositions on the album and it’s going to be released on vinyl and digipack CD on 30th of June. Lars Broddesson (Funeral Mist, ex Marduk), Mauser (ex Vader) and Alexandros (Macabre Omen) are among the musicians who took part in the recording session of the Black Altar's material. You can watch Black Altar’s “Deus Inversus” videoclip at:

Black Altar's debut re-edition!

Reedition of BLACK ALTAR "Black Altar" debut album with new lay out and mastering as digi cd/t-shirt/wooden box and GRAVELAND "1050 years of Pagan Cult" digi pack/ jewel case cd / t-shirt out now via Odium Records!

Black Altar's re-edition of "Suicidal Salvation"

Black Altar's re-edition of "Suicidal Salvation" with 4 bonus songs from the split with Varathron and Thornspawn out now as digi cd/ Lp/ wooden box / t-shirt!

- Pre Order of Wooden Box, digipack, Lp, T-shirts and Zipper Hood for XXI Anniversary of Black Altar and Beastcraft.


- BLACK ALTAR / BEASTCRAFT - split – video news and pre-order!

Beastcraft / Black Altar split prepared for XXI Anniversary of Black Altar is postponed until November due to creating a videoclip for Black Altar's "Tophet" song. The scenes for the video were filmed in England, Sweden, Norway, Poland and USA.

Some special guests took part in the recording of Black Altar's “Tophet” song: James Stewart from VADER, V. Priest from ACHERONTAS, Acerbus from ONDSKAPT, Soroth Northgrove from BEASTCRAFT and Nihil from FURIA.

The split contains XII Hymns of total Darkness, Deathcraft and Nekromancy!
It will be issued by ODIUM REC as a 8 panels digipack cd with 16 pages booklet, gatefold heavy black LP and limited to 50 copies wooden box with cd, red Lp, 2 t-shirts, patch, pin, posters and loads of rarities concerning Black Altar. .

You can make a pre-order at:


New releases of Odium Records!


ART DIGI CD 017 MEPHORASH – "1557 – Rites of Nullification" out now!

Black Metal with members from Ofermod/Malign. True Esoteric and Occult art from Sweden. Expect one of the best albums released in 2015!


Each track of the album features additional vocals from the vocalists of Malign, Hetroertzen, Embrace of Thorns and Fides Inversa. The album is released on a deluxe six panel digipack with gold foil stamped seals woven into the artwork and on gatefold vinyl later this year by Odium records and Witching Hour Prod. The album will also be available in a die-hard edition, limited to 50 hand numbered copies on cd and vinyl that will be released together with a book written by G. De laval available only via Odium webshop.


New releases of Odium Records!

New version of Odium webshop is avaiable at:


ART CD 015 - TARAN – “Taran”

A kult horde in the Polish underground is back after a decade. You can see and listen to promotional clip „Dominus Muscarum”:


The album was recorded in September 2014 at eXe Labolatories and mastered at Necromorbus Studio. It includes 7 songs + intro and outro + cover of Immortal „Unsilent Storm in the North Abyss”. You can expect Radical and Extreme Black Metal in its purest form.

ART CD 016 The second release is a debut album of NIGREDO from Greece entitled – “Faces of Death”.

You can already check out the preview track "Nihilistic Iniquity":


Despite the fact that the band is new, the line-up consists of experienced musicians like Maelstrom form Thou Art Lord, Ravencult or Dodsferd. The mini-album is released as a limited digipack with booklet and includes the music for fans of Celtic Frost, Mayhem, Watain or Deathspell Omega. The production took place in 210 Studios (Keep of Kalessin, Solefald) in Berlin. The band favors the orthodox Cult of Death.”

New releases of Odium Records!

Odium Rec/distro has moved permanently to London.


SHR 001 PreEmptive Strike 0.1 – “Pierce their Husk” 7”/ digi pack out now!

New division of Odium Rec – Sonic Hell Rec released this Ep as 7” vinyl limited to 300 copies and digi pack with N. Kvarforth from Shining on vocals and musicians connected with bands like Blephegor or Septic Flesh.



Odium Rec has bandcamp profile now at:


Odium Records has started a new division called Sonic Hell Records for dark ambient, ritual, industrial, dark electro releases.


We proudly announce that first release of Sonic Hell Rec will be in August PreEmptive Strike 0.1 from Greece and their Ep „Pierce their Husk” with Niklas Kvarforth from Shining on vocals. Ep will be unleashed as 7” ep and digi pack with 5 bonus songs - collaborations and remixes from bands of the industrial black/death metal scene.



Together with PreEmptive Strike 0.1 odium Rec is going to release in late August a vinyl version of the highly acclaimed debut album of Greek Akrotheism "Behold the Son of Plagues" in cooperation with III Damnation Prod as a deluxe gatefold 12" Lp


In the new issue of Zero Tolerance Magazine (UK) is 2 pages article about Odium Records and interview with Shadow


ART CD 011 - RAUS!/Perunwit – “Under the Sign of the Black Sun” split digi cd

RAUS! - New project of Shadow from Black Altar and Aro of Perunwit. A blend of industrial Black Metal in the vein of Mysticum and Iperyt with martial dark ambient songs, with a guest apperarance of Shocker from Iperyt.
Perunwit – legendary and the oldest pagan band from Poland.


ART CD 012 Kaoskult – “Secret Serpent” cd

VII Sombre Anthems dedicated to Magic ov Chaos. Destructive Dark Metal. The band made up of former members of Taran, In the Depth of Night, Supreme Lord.


ART CD 013 - Thy Flesh – “Thymiama Mannan” cd

Hellenic Black Metal Art from the Roots of the old World. Forty minutes of psychotic Black Metal haunted enough to revive the genre for the coming aeon. Recorded at Valve Studio, mastered at Necromorbus Studio, laid out by Cold Poison.


ART CD 014 Akrotheism – “Behold the Son of Plagues” cd

X Black Evocations, to conjure spiritual chaos. Recorded at Devasoundz studios, Mixed and mastered at Necromorbus by Tore Stjerna, cover art by Timo Ketola.



New releases of Odium Records!

ART CD 008 Varathron / Black Altar / Thornspawn split cd “Emissaries of the Darkened Call”

New XI tracks of those kult, old hordes. Unholy Trinity presents different view on Black Metal. The Epitome of Blasphemy!
This split will be also available under the license of Odium Records as de luxe vinyl version, A5 digi pack and cardboard box with tape version Cover art and lay out by Juano Castellano.

ART CD 009 Crepusculum “Illuminatus” cd

After over a thousand years of hibernation the arch-dragon had open his eyes..
New album of Crepusculum from Poland titled "Illuminatus" revealed with IX opuses of Occult Black Metal. Great sound from Monroe Studio, 16 pages booklet. It will be one of the strongest albums on Black Metal scene worldwide in 2013!

Everything has a purpose, beginning and end And the time of his rebirth has now come...

ART CD 010 Ars Macabra “III” cd / digi cd

New album of this mysterious horde hails from Italy. X opuses of Occult Black Metal. Mastered at kult Necromorbus studio. Feat ex drummer of Setherial, Impiety and Malfeitor. A must for fans of Watain, Ofermod or Ondskapt! There is also limited to 500 copies digi pack cd version.


Odium Records has Facebook profile and YouTube channel now!
Check it at:




New Catalogue of Odium distro is available for download as a word file. Lots of new items, lower prices and some rare stuff. Enjoy! The new webshop is going to be open very soon.


Odium Records proudly informs that we signed a distribution contract with Code7 / Plastic Head in UK and The End Rec / Omega Order and Red Stream in the U.S.



Odium Records proudly announces that in September were unleashed following albums:

ART CD 007 Arvas (Nor) - "Blessed from Below...Ad Sathanas Noctum" cd - NEW! Finally after 17 years of activity, long awaited debut album is unleashed! Legendary band from cold Norway in which over the years played members of cult hordes like: Gorgoroth, Immortal, Aeternus, Ancient or Koldbrann. True Satanik Black Metal in its purest Norsk form!

Arvas - t-shirt / longsleeve - 2 sides, with the prints on the sleeves, Fruit of the Loom, 220g.

ART CD 006 Crepusculum (Pol) - "Visions of the Apocalypse" cd - NEW! Debut album of the sensational Black Metal one man project hails from Poland. IX hymns devoted to Satanik Magic, Blasphemy, Decay and Mankind's Destruction.


Crepusculum - t-shirt - 2 sides, with the prints on the sleeves, Fruit of the Loom, 220g.



Black Altar SplitBlack Altar / Kirkebrann
"Deus Inversus" (split)


"Stare Into The Abyss"

Black Altar SplitGraveland
"1050 Years of Pagan Cult"

artcd017Black Altar
"Black Altar"

Black Altar
"Suicidal Salvation"

"Winds ov Decay" SPLIT
"XXI Anniversary of BLACK ALTAR"

"1557 – Rites of Nullification"


"Faces of Death"

PreEmptive Strike 0.1
"Pierce their Husk” with N.Kvarforth 7" ep/digi pack"

"Under the Sign of the Black Sun"

"Secret Serpent"

Thy Flesh
"Thymiama Mannan"

"Behold the Son of Plagues"

Varathron/Black Altar/Thornspawn
"Emissaries of the Darkened Call"


Ars Macabra

"Blessed From Below"

"Visions of the Apocalypse"

"Death Fanaticism"

"Ritual for Blood"

"Embrace the Darkness"